Artist Response


Artist Response
2012 - 2013

Working with members of the community group The History Detectives the project was based on a residency at the Norfolk Record Office and the Parliamentary Archives in 2012. Exploring documents related to 5 of the commissioners named in the Land Tax Act of 1821 and their civic activities the group undertook research on a weekly basis and participated in a number of artist-led tours around Norwich over a 6 week period. Visiting historic streets, churches and civic buildings the group was able to make connections between historical documents and contemporary sites. Building pictures of the 5 commissioners through a series of mapping activities led to exploring connections between parliamentary activities and local civic enterprise. The Artist Response blog mapped conversations with the group and archive staff, reflecting upon the development of the project.

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Artist Response was supported by the Parliamentary Archives,Norfolk Record Office with assistance from the Curator’s Officeat the Palace of Westminster

Images reproduced by permission of the Parliamentary Archives

Administrative Processes + Events + Documents - Parliamentary Copyright House of Lords 2013

Nicola Naismith