The aim of coaching is to provide a safe, supportive and challenging space where you can explore your own personal and professional development through forward thinking and self directed learning. As a coach I am not there to give advice or provide all the answers rather I am there to support you to find your own answers and make your own plans. Ultimately coaching is a space where you can find the answers to the questions you want to ask, helping you to achieve your goals.

“Nicola provided me with the time and opportunity to examine the issues I needed to resolve in order to help me make a difficult decision. In her friendly and relaxed surroundings and with her careful and guided questioning, I was able to evaluate how important the outcome of my decision would be to me”.

“Nicola has really helped me focus and make decisions about how i want to change and develop my life. She provides a space that completely facilitates reflection and focuses on solutions and/or change. Nicola mindfully guides the process and is always open to creativity. I can wholeheartedly confirm I have benefitted greatly from her coaching”.

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Nicola Naismith